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Faces of Home Education: Taryn, Part 1 of 2


Faces of home education!  We know so many incredible families who have chosen this path in life.  Every single household and school day looks different, this world of education is so beautifully diverse. I hope that many families will share their home educating lives here over the next year and that this will be a source of encouragement and inspiration.

I’ll begin with our own story…

My name is Taryn and I have been married for 17 years to a loving and brilliant text book nerd.  We have four children, ages 14, 9, 3 and 1.  I love our family and I have a passion for most things creative; sewing, gardening, photography, etc.
We have been home educating our children for 7 years, we started when our oldest was in the 3rd grade. 

Before we decided to do this, I went to the library and checked out 10+ books on home education (HE).  I read and read and read.  What I remember from my reading is one thought that was impressed upon my heart.  I have about 18 years to raise these children and if I teach them at home, I have a significantly increased number of hours in which to do my work.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what book I read that in, it’s all a blur to me 7 years later.  Thankfully it has stuck with me and has carried me through some rough spots.  In the very beginning of our HE journey, I met one friend in particular who opened up her home to me and was so incredibly helpful as she shared her thoughts, ideas and curriculum choices with me.  I have since referred to her as my amazing home school friend(though I do have many of those now!), and am forever grateful and inspired by her.  Her openness, honesty and encouragement provided me with a good, solid foundation in the world of home education.

We decided to HE because we weren’t comfortable with the quality of our neighborhood school, we believed that we could do a better academic job of educating our children and I wanted time with them.  Time to regain what I had lost while I was preoccupied with other areas of our life.  Time for relationships with our children. 
I combine Classical (Well Trained Mind) with Charlotte Mason (to keep things lively and interesting) with Literature (we are a book loving family) with a smidgen of Computer (for math facts and typing skills).  We are also involved with a wonderful faith-based HE Cooperative, where we meet once a week for devotional, science, an elective class, PE and a lot of FUN.

Specifically here are this year’s curriculum and lesson plans for each child:

14 year old: Apologia Chemistry through Co-op, Life of Fred Algebra II and Trigonometry (taught by my husband and supplemented with other math texts as needed), Francis Schaeffer study with my husband for theology, Our Mother Tongue (1st semester) and Teaching the Essay (2nd semester), Bible memory, Bible reading, Logic at Co-Op (1st semester), Personal Finance with David Ramsey (2nd semester), Literature reading list from Ambleside, Getting Started with Latin, copywork from the constitution, historical documents, etc., voice lessons with our amazing music teacher, self-taught guitar, and boy scouts with the best troop in town.


9 year old: Apologia Flying Creatures through Co-op, Life of Fred math elementary series + computer based math drills + worksheets, Simply Grammar (1st semester), Easy Grammar and Daily Grams (2nd semester), Writing Strands, Song School Latin, Bible memory, Bible reading, Literature reading list from Ambleside, Countries and Cultures with Art at Co-op, computer-based typing, copywork from hymns, poetry and Bible selections, gymnastics through our city parks and recreation, and voice lessons with our aforementioned amazing music teacher.


3 year old: playdough, lacing cards, coloring, outside play, read-aloud books, puzzles, cutting, gluing, cookie making, Bible stories and lots of free play with dolls, blocks, balls, etc.

1 year old: Ha-ha!  Really?  Sleep, eat, climb and repeat!  Ok, really we do read to him often and he loves balls and trucks and blocks and throwing things(like tantrums!).


That’s all for now. Part 2 will include home educating challenges we’ve encountered, book recommendations for inspiration and encouragement, and the benefits we’ve come to appreciate on this path of education.

Taryn Part 2 of 2

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